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RCT(Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon)

Root Canal Treatment Near me

What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

Root canal treatment is recommended to treat tooth pain and/or infection by removing the tooth pulp. This procedure is required to save your infected tooth and to keep it functional in the oral cavity.

How root canal treatment is done?

The whole procedure is undertaken under local anesthesia making the treatment painless. Most cases can be completed in single appointment. But some may require 2-4 additional appointments depending upon the condition of the tooth and severity of infection.

The procedure is done using advanced techniques and sophisticated equipments to ensure highest standard of treatment. Doctors will guide and help you understand the procedure at each step to ensure your comfort and cooperation.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Routine cases of root canal treatment should cost you *4500-6000 INR depending upon the extent of tooth damage.
*exclusive of crown/cap

How painful is root canal treatment?

Advanced anesthesia techniques essentially make the whole procedure painless. Our anxiety free and friendly environment ensures that you are calm and relaxed during the whole procedure.

Steps for root canal treatment

  • 1. Thorough examination, clinical photographs, multiple digital radiographs (x rays)
  • 2. Local anesthesia
  • 3. Infection is eliminated step by step from inside the tooth
  • 4. Roots are thoroughly cleaned from inside and filled with bio-inert material
  • 5. Tooth is sealed from top.
You are advised to avoid chewing from the side of jaw under treatment till tooth is protected by a cap/crown.

What to expect after Root canal Treatment?

Once root canal treatment is comleted, your tooth is protected by fixing a cap/crown that helps to strenghthen the tooth . Once the cap is fixed, you can start eating comfortably with your new cap . Doctor will help you understand the specific oral hygiene home maintenance instructions required to ensure longevity and long term successful outcome of treatment.

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