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What Should I do If my child has tooth ache?

Most likely cause of toothache in children is infection due to deep cavities. Please do not delay and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Depending upon the condition of tooth and age of child, appropriate treatment will be advised.

My child's face got swollen on one side. What Should I do?

Facial swelling from tooth infection can occur due to long standing deep cavities that were not treated on time. You need to immediately see your dentist to take care of infection.

Why are milk tooth significant?

It is of utmost importance to take care of milk teeth till the time permanent teeth appear in the oral cavity.

Any infection in milk teeth can affect the permanent teeth buds present underneath the milk tooth inside the jaws.

Premature loss of milk teeth due to cavities can cause disruption in sequence of appearance of permanent teeth in oral cavity causing them to appear at odd locations, hence requiring correction in teeth alignment in future.

Healthy milk teeth help your child eat with greater efficiency, hence promoting overall nutrition.

When should a child's first visit to dentist happen?

All children should see the dentist once first teeth appear in oral cavity. Every child's first dental visit should happen by first birthday.

How to prevent cavities in kids?

Prevention of cavities in children begins at home with good oral hygiene habit development. Parental guidance is of utmost importance. We do provide parental counseling to help parents understand and inculcate oral hygiene habits in their children.

Oral hygiene measures are advised according to age of the child.

Twice a day tooth brushing using fluoridated tooth paste, flossing, Flouride mouth wash.

Professional preventive measures like fluoride varnish, fluoride gels , fissure sealants help prevent cavities in children with great efficacy.

Please schedule appointment with us to avail our

Preventive Children Dentistry Package* (INR 4999/-)
  • 1. Complete dental examination with digital x-rays.
  • 2. Full mouth caries prevention treatment ( Flouride gel/ Flouride varnish application)
  • 3. Milk tooth fillings (2 Fillings included)
  • 4. Fissure sealants for permanent teeth(Protect permanent teeth from cavities).
  • 5. Full mouth cleaning and polishing
  • 6. Children diet Counseling to keep teeth healthy
  • 7. Parental Counseling to help them understand the oral hygiene needs of children
  • 8. Follow up consultations up to 1 year
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