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Braces treatment in gurgaon

Crooked and irregular teeth can jeopardize, not only your smile and facial beauty, but can affect your overall confidence.

Variations in alignment , shape, size of teeth or jaws can have delirious effect on the way one looks. Additionally, such malaligned teeth can cause:

  • Speech problems
  • Difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene
  • Gum problems
  • Jaw growth hampering
  • Unnatural teeth wear
  • In severe cases, jaw joint and muscle pain

Best age to get your braces

There is no specific age to get your Braces treatment started. All age groups, children, teenagers, adults and elderly can benefit from Modern Orthodontics.

Although, it is recommended to do an early intervention whenever possible. All children should pay visit to Orthodontist around 7-8 years of age to detect any signs of future malocclusion.

Over the years , there has been an upward trend in Adults seeking correction of their misaligned teeth. Our team of Orthodontists in Gurgaon is more than happy to assist you in your quest to find right treatment option for you.

Braces treatment options and cost in Gurgaon

We, at Imperial Smiles Dental, after thorough study of your case provide you the best treatment option suited to you.

Metal Braces In Gurgaon

These are sophisticatedly engineered brackets gently bonded onto your teeth for whole duration of treatment. They are comfortable, easy to maintain and sometimes the only choice that will give you beat results.

Ceramic Braces In Gurgaon
These are translucent Brackets and are preferred option for Adults. They are minimally visible and solves the unsightly appearance problem encountered with  metal brackets. If you are an adult seeking esthetic braces treatment in Gurgaon , Ceramic braces are the one to go for.
Ceramic Braces In Gurgaon Clear aligners/ Invisalign In Gurgaon
Aligners are clear, transparent removable coverings well adapted over your teeth to be worn at all times except during eating and performing oral hygiene regime. They are very comfortable, light weight and highly esthetic. With aligners, you can enjoy all your favorite foods without any restrictions since you are removing them while eating
Lingual Braces
Brace are placed over inner teeth surface rather than outer to male them unnoticeable
Self ligating Damon Braces
They are low friction, passive self ligating brackets that tend to deliver faster results with fewer appointments as compared to conventional braces.

Metal Braces 3M USA 40,000 INR
Ceramic Braces 3M USA 60,000 INR
Self ligating Damon system USA 80,000 INR
Lingual Braces 80,000 INR
Aligners 90,000 INR per jaw.
Myofunctional Appliance Therapy 15000 INR
* Cost includes retainers, subsequent follow up visits, models, complete teeth cleaning and polishing


How braces treatment is done?
Braces when placed on the surface of your teeth apply controlled, steady, slow and precise forces to cause tooth movement within the jaw. On first appointment with our doctor , you will have your thorough examination, dental xray, models , photographs and complete teeth cleaning. Depending upon your case, best treatment option suited to your case will be explained . Brackets are placed over the upper teeth in second appointment. Lower teeth brackets are placed after a gap of 2-3 months once upper teeth have started to move.
How long will my braces treatment take?
Braces treatment can last from 6 months to 3 years depending upon the case.
How frequently do I have to visit during treatment?
Our Orthodontist needs to see you once every month till the treatment is completed. What are the instructions to be followed after Braces placement?
For best treatment outcome, please follow the instructions below:  
  • First ten days following braces placement, the braces will feel weird and discomfort/ slight pain can be anticipated. If required, take Paracetamol ( Do not take any other painkillers/anti inflammatory) .Kindly, apply Vaseline generously for smooth lip closure.
  • In case of roughness or ulcers due to the new braces placement, please apply DOLOGEL CT on the affected area for 30 seconds and insulate the same with a small piece of wet cotton
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Do not eat anything from the front teeth i.e. No biting from the front teeth. Kindly eat apples etc by cutting them into small pieces and chewing them from the back teeth
  • Do not eat anything hard, sticky chewy or crunchy from any teeth. Please have crushed dried fruits, only boneless meat, fully cooked meat and vegetables only. No crunchy salad( Carrots should be grated before eating). No Gachak or chikki, caramel, popcorn etc. Do not eat guava (or fruits with small seeds that can get stuck between braces).
  • Rinse mouth thoroughly and immediately after every meal or snack including milk
  • Brush using a ultra soft bristle brush with the pressure of a paintbrush following the outline of your gums in a round motion
  • Never touch the braces or wires without permission of your treating doctors

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