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Why is it very important for me to get missing teeth replaced as early as possible?

People usually think of getting teeth replaced if they are front teeth or compromise their looks. But missing teeth can cause much more harm than just affecting your looks!!

Complete set of teeth in mouth maintains the integrity of your upper and lower teeth arch. Appropriate teeth contacts prevent migration of adjacent and opposing teeth. When a tooth is lost or removed due to any reason, this stable contact is lost in turn leading to migration of adjacent and opposing teeth into the new empty space created. This eventually leads to series of pathological changes like

  • a) changes in biting pattern
  • b) interferences in stable bite position
  • c) decreased space in case replacement with artificial teeth is desired in future( may require extensive treatment and prolonged treatment time if opposing and adjacent teeth migration occurs like endodontic therapy and orthodontic correction)
  • d)changes in bite pattern over a period of time may affect your muscles surrounding your jaws and your jaw joint. This usually manifests as pain and tenderness in and around your jaw joint, jaw muscles, temples, ears, even neck and may be accompanied with frequent headaches. You might end up consulting ENT specialist or orthopaedician for ear and neck pains but actual root cause is related to your bite and missing teeth that can be corrected by a prosthodontist.

Options available to replace missing teeth and restore arch integrity range from removable , combination of removable-fixed, and fixed prosthesis( tooth supported or implant supported). A team of prosthodontist, implantologist, periodontist, oral surgeon will do a comprehensive examination , will require you to undertake radiographs and scan to decide best treatment option for you.

If you or your family and friends have missing teeth, kindly consult your prosthodontist and implantologist as early as possible to ensure healthy teeth, muscles and jaw joint.